Rhode Island Ports Investment Bond

Voting Yes On Question 5 will grant Rhode Island a $70 Million bond to renovate and expand two of Rhode Island’s key ports. $50 million will be invested into infrastructure improvements at Quonset’s Port of Davisville while $20 million will go towards the expansion of terminal operations at the Port of Providence. Quonset’s Port of Davisville is one of North America’s leading auto importers and the investment will modernize and repair a key pier. Consistently on the Top 10 Auto Ports in North America the pier has had a 547% growth over the past 20 years. Quonset’s Port of Davisville’s pier, now 60-years-old, was only built to last 50 years and is in desperate need of renovation with the high amount of traffic it is receiving. The proposal will extend the life of the structure until 2072 and also add an additional berth in order to handle more ships. The Port of Providence expansion currently maintains and manages port operations fir the City of Providence and due to their success space has now run out and they are unable to attract new tenants. Being one of only two deep-water ports in New England an expansion is necessary. Voting Yes On 5 will bring not only the renovation and expansion to two key ports, it will also lead to the creation of hundreds of new jobs at both ports and millions in tax revenue for the State of Rhode Island