University of Rhode Island Expansion Bond 

Voting Yes On Question 4 will provide $45.5 million in bonds to expand The University of Rhode Island’s College of Engineering and also create a URI-affiliated innovation campus program that will pair cutting edge research with private sector investments. This bond will be split between the expansion of the College of Engineering and the Innovation Campus program. $25.2 million will go toward the 2nd phase of construction on the Engineering College while $20 million will be invested in the Innovation Campus program that will leverage academic research with private sector jobs and turn groundbreaking research into the innovative jobs of the future. More than 30 Rhode Island companies have been founded by URI engineering students and more than 7,200 engineers and architects are employed at more ­­­­than 750 companies in our state. Approving Question 4 will help attract more high-tech businesses to Rhode Island; this will help the more than 96 percent of students who graduate from the URI College of Engineering and are looking for the high-paying high-skilled jobs that Rhode Island needs. Voting yes on Question 4 will create construction jobs and permanent high-paying jobs throughout the state of Rhode Island; putting Rhode Islanders back to work and making investments in the preparation of students for the jobs of the future.