Issues Management: Campaign Strategy + Execution

Legislative Advocacy

The political process can be difficult to navigate for private organizations. At Capitol Conduit, we help navigate your company through these processes and create unique solutions to override obstacles along the way. The ultimate goal is to help our clients sculpt public policy.

Working not only in our home state of Rhode Island, but also throughout the country, we are affiliated with legislators on both the state and local levels as well as community leaders. Our partnership with these peoples help promote the influence companies need to further policy development on a multi-level platform; local, state and federal. 

What sets Capitol Conduit apart from others in our field is our ability to utilize our resources and understand that each project that we take on is unique. We have a larger set of tools and contacts to use for our clients projects than other companies in the Rhode Island area; giving us the opportunity to creatively design your project to meet your particular specifications. 


Crafting a platform that speaks specifically to voters first relies on an understanding of who your voters are, which issues they deem important and what their feelings are on key issues. This knowledge helps with getting voters out to polls and also helps you serve the public well once elected. Accurate public opinion polls are a key aspect of having a political platform that speaks for the majority of its voters, which is why they are used by political office holding persons and those who are running to replace them. 

Message Development

Having a strong and powerful message is one of the most important components in a political campaign. This although vital is one of the most ignored components when campaigns are created. With a strong message that Capitol Conduit will help you construct your campaign will have a strong central point that serves as a guideline for any plans under your campaign.

At Capitol Conduit we have the tools to provide multiple channels of message development for our clients. Whether you are on deadline and need a strong message delivered effectively in a short amount of time, or you are in need of rebranding and new message construction over an extended period of time, our team can provide strong message development for your company.