Expert Creative Production

Video Production + Post-Production

Campaign commercials are the perfect channel for delivering your message to voters. At Capitol Conduit we provide our clients with a thorough, hands on pre-production stage including concept development, storyboarding and script writing. This will help create the perfect ad campaign that helps inform voters clearly on your message.

The pre-production stage is where you will decided on how, visually, you want your message to appear. Politics is an emotionally charged subject and using directed visual images is vital to assuring voters that you understand and support issues that are important to them.

Campaign Identity Development

Capitol Conduit has became a vital source in developing issue communication strategies for both local and state candidates. With techniques that have been successful in providing effective brand recognition and awareness for our clients, we help clients communicate their message with a powerful identity that voters can recognize.

Aspects that we provide our clients are: 

  • Developing the campaign brand/logo
  • Design and production of campaign collateral, including signage, brochures, cards and banners
  • Website design and content management
  • Ad design
  • Social Media management