We are sought out by organizations who need to have their voice projected and understood by key decision makers. We bring true expertise in the following areas, critical to the success of any campaign: Campaign Strategy, Campaign Management, Issues Polling, Targeted Digital Media Buys, and TV, Radio, Web media production. With a blending of older and new age techniques we provide our clients with the perfect blend for a well rounded project.

Partners who've connected to victory, with our winning formula.

At Capitol Conduit our experienced team considers each one of the challenges we take on as one-of-a-kind. Demographics, psychographics, and behaviors are constantly changing and unlike other strategic and consulting firms, we offer a highly specialized team that heavily researches the current social and political climate before we start to formulate a strategy. We have a larger set of tools and contacts to use for our clients projects than other companies in the Rhode Island area; giving us the opportunity to creatively design your project to meet your particular specifications.  Here are the key services we offer to our clients:

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Accurate Information, Professionalism and Longstanding Relationships.

These are the three most important ingredients for a successful government relations firm. Traits such as these cannot be acquired with a simple purchase of an application from the Internet; they are skills which are cultivated over years of walking the halls of the State House, working with staff attorneys and committee clerks and attending countless number of administrative hearings.

Establishing the necessary credibility while developing and furthering a level of trust among public officials, bureaucrats and elected office holders is what enables a government relations consultant to accomplish the objectives of its client.  

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